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Window Replacement

Can anybody recommend window installers that are decently priced. Also what brand of windows are the best for the money. Also any suggestions for getting new windows. Who has the best prices and service. Ice was forming on the windows during the last cold snap. Not Good.

Contact the property management company to request permission to replace windows.

Owners need to make sure that contractors are properly sealing the gaps between the windows and the mortar. New windows can be a different size than the orignal windows. Also, contractors should not be covering over the lintels. Lintels are the supports for the bricks over the windows, and they allow water that to escape outside, instead of coming back in and soaking the interior walls. When lintels are covered up, the water has nowhere to go, but back inside. Some contractors have a misconception that covering over lintels is what keeps the rain water from getting in, but it creates problems or makes them worse.

Avoid contractors who do not understand this concept.